Information about each MerFight update

Patch Notes

Version 0.28.1

A first pass of all character tutorials has been completed.
Holding pause during load will go over black fade-in instead of under.
A EULA has been added.
Sound effects should now pan based on which side of the screen they are on.
The horizontal distance of all characters' (besides Gamma) jump has been decreased by 20%.
All reversals now have 12 frames on invulnerability on start-up.
Volume adjustment and scrolling text areas should work more consistently on various machines.
Adjusted the LP, HP, LK, and HK icons in menus and on the command lists.
New hit and block SFX
Light attack hit effects are now smaller on hit and block.
All supers have some level of i. frames on startup.
Some special moves are now performed with forward z-motions, {6}{2}{3}. The lenient input will accept {3} or {1} if facing-left.
More special moves now requrie half-circle back (HCB) motion {6}{3}{2}{1}{4}. The lienient input is no longer {6},{4}, but instead, {2}{1}{4}.

Esca Flash now has a hit react.
Esca Flash's particle effect has been optimized.
New SFX for Esca Flash, Esca Beam, and Super Esca Beam.
Angler Kick and Typhoon Geyser now use z-motion forward.
CHK is unsafer on block.

If an opponent is healed by Blessing or Final Blessing, Atlas will gain a substantial boost in energy.
Scymnodon Kick and Omega Scymnodon Kick now use z-motion forward.

When uncharged, Eel Cannon moves for a shorter distance and eventually slows down.
When uncharged, Eel Flip does not move horizontally.
When uncharged, Eel Roll does not travel as far.
Eel Leap will now wall bounce on success.
JHK no long ground bounces aerial opponents.
When uncharged, Shocking Cannon does not move as far.
When uncharged, Shocking Flip does fewer hits.
When uncharged, Shocking Roll does fewer hits.

Gambler Wave can be canceled by pressing {13} or {14} while charging.
Shark Spear can be canceled by pressing {11} or {12} while charging.
Shark Bomb, Aerial Shark Bomb, and Super Shark Bomb's now use HCB.

Molluscaplex and Super Molluscabomber now use HCB.
Super Octolariat should hit airborne opponents more consistently.
Octograb and Deadly Octopractor now have frame freeze on block.

Frozen Defense has more counter frames.
Herald Combination should juggle airborne opponents more consistently.
If used near the corner, Arctic Revelation's ice spikes will not be created off-screen.

Pincer Rush no longer has armor if charged; instead, it travels further if charged.
Pincer Dive always performs its follow-up now, but if charged, the second hit will ground bounce airborne opponents.
If uncharged, Omega Pincer Rushdown covers less distance.
If uncharged, Omega Pincer Drill does fewer hits.
If charged, Falling Crab Explosion, does more hits on the initial leap.

Jellemental Magic no longer automatically changes the element, only using Jellemental Swap will.
Jellemental Magic can only be used to throw one projectile on screen at a time.

Antennata does not disappear once Drargos is knocked down; only using Detract Antennata will do this.
Pterois Sphere now travels at a downward angle when used in the air or when Drargos is hanging from a wall.

Infection will now poison opponents if they are near him, even if lying down.
Venom Slam no longer poisons opponents.
Venom Knee and Infectious Knee now use Z-Motion forward inputs.

Marble Shield is now a physical attack that launches opponents. It will still summon a marble shield; however, after it is destroyed, it stays on screen for 300 frames and Odon will only do the attack until it shrinks away.
Mantis Masterpiece is now performed by using Hold {4}, {6}+{11}+{12}. If uncharged, it will not travel as far across the screen.

Peak Counter, Base Counter, and Royal Counter can no longer be used as reversals.
Glacial Fist and Glacial Army will not be performed offscreen.

Version 0.27.0

Costume selection visual change - can see what costume/color you are selecting
Fighter titles added! You can now select a fighter title which will show up online
All characters have first pass SFX implemented
Pop Cancel to throw bugs should be addressed (hopefully all of them.)

Bug fix: Bolt's bracelets should now charge for only the controlled character, not both
Bolt's Eel Roll is now less safe when blocked and should only be linkable to some light attacks
Bolt's JHK is now 12 frames of start-up.

New costume, based on Shaun from Versus Tag Shuffle
Special throws do more damage

Special throws do less damge.

Air throws contribute more to the wipeout meter.

Gamma's special throws do less damage.

Version 0.26.1

Fixed some main menu bugs
Minor tutorial updates
Addressed Player 2 freeze frame bug
New Stage: The Sinking Anchor, Strike's New Stage

Gamma Increased range for Gamma's command throws.

Heavy Sphex Spear & Pterois Spear now force crouching opponent to standing hit animation.

Version 0.26.0

Rank mode! Players can now quick matches, ranked or casual
Tutorial updates -- Energy sparks now referred to as energy Bubbles. Rush Cancel Blips are now referred to as Pops.
New mechanic: Guard Popping. Press HP+HK while blocking. Players can hold back or foward to roll. Require one Pop.



No longer has a poison projectile

Version 0.25.0

New song for Gigi, Via Moribus, created.
Saved replays now limited to 10.
Online lobby UI updated.
Connection quality visible in lobbies.
Projectiles should have visible hitbox displayed.
Players can now record training mode info.
Bonus energy for proper input for super moves reduced by 50%.
Players can join a room, even if a match is in progress (cannot view match though)

New VFX created
Entry to Octoga Stance now has i. frames.

New VFX created.

Version 0.24.1

Fixed bug where some projectiles became locked after hitting Marble Shield.

Final Hail results in hard knockdown

Deadly Octopractor results in spinout.

Adjusted SLP hitspheres.

Shader on hit and hurt spheres updated.

Version 0.24.0

All universal overheads will now ground bounce airborne opponents.
Players can only quick rise, roll, or reversal, after settling down after being launched instead of when immediately hitting the ground.
Pop cancels can only be performed 8 frames after start-up of all pop-cancellable attacks.

Training Mode
Players can now toggle hitspheres on and off. (I am aware that many will need adjustment).
Players can test reactions to a predefined reversal.

Most special throws now result in spinout.

The final hit of Herald Combination should hit more consistently now.
Final Hail performs 200 damage regardless of scaling.

Illium Fist is now -7 on block.
Blinding Esca Beam comes out on frame 17 instead of 15.
Blinding Esca Beam is now 65 frames long.

CHP is no longer considered airborne.

Molluscaplex results in a hard-knockdown, similar to spinout.

Adjusted launch hurt spheres so juggles land more consistenly.

New animations, vfx, and sfx added.
Marble Shield is now immediately destroyed when attacked by Odon. The number of boulders created depends on how many times the opponent attacked it first.

Version 0.23.3

Arctina has new visual and sound effects.

Players can now create their own username to be shown online.
Players can create a room and determine if the winner stays, the loser stays, both players state, or the neither to stay (random).
Players who are afk will pass their turn after 20 seconds.
Players can choose to spectate and always be skipped.
When on the online win screen, all players will return to the room screen after 20 seconds.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that would cause Strike's super throw to miss.

Version 0.22.2

Experimental - users can select between 4 screen modes: exclusive fullscreen, windowed fullscreen, maximized window, and windowed.
Began adding new effects to Arctina.

Version 0.22.1

Experimental - allow frame rate to be other than 60 if vsync is turned off; fullscreen is now exclusive fullscreen.
Users can now set spacebar as a key from button config, but can only use return for menu confirmation on keyboard.

Version 0.22.0

Octonia's LK Octo Grab can now catch airborne opponents.

Less pushback applied when blocking Rho's Polar Vortex.

MAJOR UI overhaul. Almost every UI element is new except the arcade mode screen.
Characters can only perform reversals with one specific super move instead of all available ones.
Reversals should now face the correct direction when performed.
New demo video with the updated UI.

Version 0.21.0

Drargos has slight animations updates and new effects.
CHP now jugggles launched opponents.
Can perform Radiata Sphere on ground or in the air.

New Octonia Costume (Just 1 color version so far)
Fixed issue with grabbing opponents in or near the corner with Octograb.
Octograb can now only cancel into super moves (RIP Lama Loops)

Arctina's stage has new music, has been renamed and is more representative of what the final version may look like.

Version 0.20.0

All characters can now quick rise, quick roll, and perform reversals having being launched. New tutorial added describing these.
New Atlas music added.
Energy bubbles now look different and descend slowly.
Small lighting changes in environments.
Characters now flash blue when performing rush cancels.
Players can now view a replay of their last match; more functionality for this coming soon.

New animations and effects created.

Version 0.19.3

New shader on characters.
Numpad keys should display correctly if assigned in button config.
Fixed player 2 pausing bugs.
AI and Player 2 Controller can now be selected and used in training mode.
Characters will not move vertically if hit in the air with armor on.
Attempt to fix false KO pop-up due to rollback.

New Strike intro animation added.
A few effects added to Strike's attacks.

Reduced armor time with Shell Harden from 10 seconds to 5.


Version 0.19.2

Fixed and added information to Offensive III basic tutorial.
Pausing requires players to "hold" pause for a short period of time to open the pause menu.
Music should now play in tutorial mode.

Version 0.19.1

Online stage desync bug fix attempt.
Pause is now "return" key instead of "end" key on keyboard.


Version 0.19.0

Hit and Block effect updates.
Win screen fixes for online and arcade mode.
Guard Cancel is now performed with light punch + light kick or heavy punch + heavy kick.

Eel Bolt is now a unique skilled performed by holding light kick and heavy kick while in the air
Eel Shock and Super Eel Shock (aerial grabs) have been removed.
FX and animation updates.
Eel Roll goes over down opponents.
Eel Cannon's projectiles is now faster and travels farther.
Challenge Combos adjusted slightly to accomdate changes.


Version 0.18.2

Minor adjustments to online to detect and inform players of desyncs and disconnects more consistently.
New win screen and win quotes.
New win animations for Gigi and Bolt.
Updated stage art for Gamma, Gigi, Arctina (to fix error message), and Odon.
All normals pushback more on block (I lost track exactly which ones and how much, sorry.)
Adjusted some Combo and Punishment Challenges.

Crouch idle hit area increased.

Illium Fist is now -3 on block.

Pincer Drill is now -15 negative on block.
CLP pushes back farther and is now -3 on block.

JHK startup increased from 12 frames to 15.
JLK startup increased from 4 to 10 frames.

All attacks have new effects.
Prionace Wave now travels farther.
Glyphis Spear pushes back farther.
Increased Carcharias Sweep & Carcharias Slash startup from 14 to 22.
CHK and CHP launch higher so they still link to Carcharias Sweep & Carcharias Slash.
Omega Glyphis Drill travels farther and does 6 hits instead of 5.
Punishment & Final Punishement now only hit the opponent instead of both players.


Version 0.17.0

Naeco's Venom Arc is no longer an overhead.
All of Gigi's moves have been reanimated with new effects.
Gigi's Spine Toss now lauches her (normal throw) or opponent (back throw)
Gigi's LK Angler Dive launches opponents higher if it hits an airborne opponent; the HK version will ground bounce an airborne opponent
Versus mode now allows players to pick player vs cpu or cpu vs cpu matches as well as player versus player.


Version 0.16.1

Arcade mode added (AI is still rather rudimentary).
New Gigi animations created.
New walk cycles animations and speeds implemented.
New dash animations for all characters.
Increased spinout values for Gamma's Omega Lobster's Dance.
New Bolt challenge combo.
Online now checks more actively for desyncs and stages are previewed beforehand.


Version 0.16.0p

Vs. CPU mode added. Right now you can only fight Gigi, who is seleted automatically. The AI is very elementary right now.


Version 0.15.1

Input display now available in training mode
Updated Arctina's effects
Redid all characters hit and block animations (not including throws)


Version 0.15.0

Last build of 2020!

- Gigi, Odon, Bolt, Enjellique, Octonia, and Drargos now have unique hit animations
- Each character has 6 challenge combos and 12 Block & Punish Challenges. Completing a combination of the two will unlock a 4th color for that character.
- Bolt's super projectile has less hit freeze.
- Fixed a glitch allowing characters to build up 1 meter very quickly when they had 0.
- Octonia's CHP now launches after powering up.
- Rho's Arctic Snap has been changed significantly. Arctic Snap will always create a projectile. Setting up a spot will extrend the projectile to that point.
- Drargos's projectile now splits into three projectiles after hitting a spine wall; "friendly fire" was removed.


Version 0.14.0p

Patreon Preview build.
All Punish & Block challenges created. A lot of changes made to block and hit stun lengths.
Strike's invisibility now drains health and only last 5 seconds instead of 10.
6th Gigi challenge combo added; more to come soon.
Fixed a floating bug regarding Drargo's post-throw state.
Fixed Gamma super throw issue.


Version 0.13.6

All: Decreased throw break animation length. Added throw invulnerability to getup and jump start.

Arctina: Increased hitstun for Forthcoming Strike and Foretold Slash

Enjellique: Reduced active time of poison projectile.

Octonia: Reduced damage on all super attacks. Tentacle throws can now be blocked.

Naeco: Can no longer Rush Cancel from Projectile Super.

Drargos: Fixed meter gain exploit while using wall building.


Version 0.13.5

Rho's snap projectile is slightly larger.
Decreased hitstop on projectile attacks.
Standardized KO and getup animations for all characters.
Priority system added to address bugs when characters land hits on the same frame.
When charge is ready, Odon's arm guards (back charge) and leg guards (down charge) change color.
Throw breaks on Octonia's forward throw should no longer cause side switching.
Special and super throws now work against crouching opponents.
Pause should now work on DS4 controllers.
Command system updates to address accidental special moves and rush cancels, especially when jumping.
Gamma's armor now has a color-change effect to show when it's active and about to end.
Increased pushback on Gigi's Standing Heavy Punch
Decreased block escapes from 47 to 26 frames. Characters no longer play get up animation; they go from roll to idle.
Fixed audio issues with rush cancels and Bolt's electric blast move.


Version 0.13.2

Fixed Gamma's armor when being hit by moves that launch.
Fixed Drargos hanging bug.


Version 0.13.1

Added two new stages: Training Beach and Training Aquarium
Stage "grids" are more detailed.
Minor change to Drargos's stage.
Players can now join rooms between matches or leave and come back
Attempted to fix a bug with players joining late and starting desynced
Wall bounce combos that start in the corner should now increase combo counter properly.


Version 0.13.0 - A big release!

Unknown devices should be detected and bring up a UI so they can be edited and then recognized.

Scaling system implemented!
Starting a combo with a throw reduces damage by 50%.
Using rush cancels and super combos during a combo reduced damage by 86.5%.
Moves repeated more than once will also have a reduction in damage.
Fixed hit air recovery collision for Octonia and Strike.
All 12 characters are now playable!


Version 0.12.0p

Odon is now playable. Tutorials are not available and the projectiles released after breaking one of his statues will most likely be adjusted.
Removed hurtboxes from Bolt's air recover.


Version 0.11.1

General: Increased input buffer from 8 frames to 13.
Online: When 3 or more players are present, the active players should be able to pass their turn, and winner should stay but loser passes turn.
Arctina: Shortened hit freeze on Arctic Rising.
Gamma: Can no longer Rush Cancel after Omega Crustacean Slam.
Enjellique: Jellemental Fury should now launch opponents on hit.
Drargos: Attempted to address Drargos's infinite Wall Cling climbing bug.
Bolt: Decreased size of throw collision and addressed Shocking Rol effect bug.


Version 0.11.0

New fighter: Gamma. No tutorials yet


Version 0.10.2

Added new character renders to character select.
Combo, Damage, Max Damange, and Max Combo can be seen in training mode.


Version 0.10.1

Minor bug fix regarding Drargo's wall cling ability. If you jumped towards a wall while facing it, you'd teleport to the opposite screen. Now, Drargos will turn around.


Version 0.10.0

New Character: Drargos is now playable! No tutorials available yet.
Experiment: Ground and wall bounces are now limited to 2 each. On the second of either, the hit fighter will spin out.
Feature: You can now determine how you will reset in training mode.
Holding left will snap the fighters to the left corner.
Holding right will snap the fighters to the right corner.
Holding down will the fighters to the center.
If no direction is held, the characters will snap where they are currently positions.
Bug: Collectable auras not visible on Enjellique's stage.


Version 0.9.1

Bug: Fixed attract video not displaying
Bug: Fixed issues with moves not timing properly due to timing calculation issues
Changed one of Gigi's Challenge Combos to use c. HP instead of c. LK.


Version 0.9.0

New character: Arctic King Rho is now playable! No tutorials available yet.


Version 0.8.1

Added input device tester that can be accessed from the splash screen by pressing F9.
Upgraded to Unity 2019.3.06f and utilized incremental garbage collection to test performance.
Fixed bug where Enjellique's Jellemental Fury in the air would use two bars of meter.


Version 0.8.0

Bug fix: Octonia's Octostunner now inflicts damage
Enjellique is now playable; however, she has no tutorials at the moment.
New UI Integrated
All stages have a "grid" style applied as new stage development and concepting begins


Version 0.7.1

Hot Fixes to Octonia and Hammer
Added Naeco's Command List


Version 0.7.0

Naeco is now playable; however, he has no tutorials at the moment.

Fixed a small bug involving Octonia being able to be hit in the air after air recovery.

Increased hit stop for ALL attacks.


Version 0.6.0

Octonia is now playable. She's pretty much 100% done but will most likely need a lot of balancing and tweaks. Also, for now, she has no tutorials.

Demo Video only plays if on the splash screen.


Version 0.5.4

CHK is now a low attack.
Arctic Rising now hits mid instead of low.

Illium Fist spinout value increased from 10% to 45%.
Increased pushback from 0.3 units to 1.25 and 0.5 to 1.5 blocking for SHK.

Region can now be selected from online menu. Players of different regions cannot play together.
Fixed some bugs in Gigi and Atlas's lessons that were preventing completion.
Adjusted Offense III to accomdate Gigi's changes.


Fixed issue with Gigi's wall bounce attacks conflicting with spinout.

Version 0.5.3


Version 0.5.0

Some bug fixing involving hit pushback
Did "prototype" versions of every stage in the game.
Fixed the offsets of some throws in the corner
Fixed Bolt's forward throw damage


Version 0.4.1

Minor bug fix concerning the loading screen not fading out after completing a lesson.


Version 0.4.0

Disabled display resolution dialog on start-up
Added Resolution, full-screen, and quality settings to Options menu
Fixed bug with blocking no creating pushback
Stages make correct SFX when selected
Character change depth depending on state ie attacking characters appear atop hit character
Pop Up when controllers have been disconnected
Locks added to character select screen for clarity
Updated character tutorials


Version 0.3.3
Fixed a tons of bugs.
Both players can swap notation from the button config and command list instead of just player 1. Also player 2 can exit button config as well as player 1.
Random select should no longer cause a hard crash.
Characters should no longer (HOPEFULLY) get into "fly me to the moon" state.


Version 0.3.1
Tutorials for each characters' special attacks have been created
Small ground shadow added when shadows are disabled / using lowest quality settings
Ability to swap notation during button config added.
Fixed some bugs with displaying the wrong keys / buttons in the command list.
All stages unlocked with some "familiar" tunes.
New shader approach.


Version 0.3.0
New character, Arctina added.
Fixed bug with swapping characters for online mode.
Added more Lessons
Added Punishment Challenge Mode
Added a few more Combo Challenges for Gigi
Various damage adjustments for characters (will be more detailed in future updates)
Added "Block" and "Block After 1st Hit" options in Training as AI actions.


Version 0.2.2
Moved camera back slightly
Fixed bug involving characters sliding during throws after dash cancels
Fixed minor hitsphere issue with Bolt's throw whiffs


Version 0.2.0
Pre-alpha build!
Contains 4 playable characters: Gigi, Atlas, Bolt, and Strike.
Challenge mode added with 2 introductory Gigi combos.
More lessons, some focused on defense, added.
Defensive Roll technique added
VFX and SFX added as well as music updates.
Feedback button added. Press F12 on the main menu to send feedback.
Lots of progress and updates, but still a lot to go.


Version 0.01
First public release of Project MerFight. This is an early alpha build. Goal is to test some basic gameplay and functionality for feedback before more characters and features are implemented.

Available Modes
Online - you can make a room or join one. There is no concept of "ranked" matches yet.
Versus - only against human opponents right now.
Lessons - only a few lessons, more will be added.
Training - little functionality at the moment. AI can perform basic movements such as walking, jumping, etc.
Challenge - unavailable, but coming soon.
Options - can adjust volume and button configuration.

Available Characters
Gigi. Movelist can be viewed from options menu during gameplay.

Known (and Unknown) Issues
Many! Again, many features are missing; for example, if a character is in a juggle too long, they should eventually "spin out" in an attempt to avoid infinites or long, repetitive combos. Additionally, some combos such as sweep to special will probably not work, or there will be a unique state so that you can not juggle opponents after a sweep.