MerFight is available NOW!



MerFight Version 0.52


MerFight is no longer in early access and version 1.0 is live! As always, you can read the patch notes here. Here's a stream I did about the future of MerFight:


MerFight Combo Video & Competitive Primer

MerFight fan and community manager, MohastGridlock, put together a great combo video and competitive primer for the game, which you can check out here.

What is MerFight?


Dive into the depths of MerFight, a captivating 2.5D fighting game featuring 12 fin-tastic fighters inspired by the dazzling array of sea life, from adventurous angler fish to mighty sharks and the enigmatic Yellowtail Fang Blenny.
Experience the thrill of fast-paced combat in a game designed for both veterans and newcomers alike, with a focus on flexibility and approachability.


Local Versus

Engage in fierce 1-on-1 battles locally with friends or AI opponents.


Create 16-person lobbies, participate in ranked or casual quick matches online, and enjoy a smooth experience with rollback netcode.

Tutorial Mode

Master MerFight's mechanics through interactive tutorials covering basics, advanced techniques, and character-specific features.

Training Mode

Perfect your skills with features like input and hitsphere display, setup recording, and more!

Arcade Mode

Conquer CPU-controlled opponents, aiming for the fastest time and highest score.

Combo Challenge

Test your skills with character-specific combo challenges for all 12 fighters.

Block & Punish Challenge

Sharpen your defenses by learning to block and punish various attack sequences.

Story Mode

Embark on "A Tail of Fish Out of Water," where an ancient, delicate elemental balance is threatened. Experience each fighters’ branching paths as they journey and fight to discover their destinies.

Replay Mode

Rewatch and learn from your last ten matches in Replay Mode!

You can find out more through the Mattrified Games discord.

MerFighting 101


Rewarding skilled players without impeding newcomers

Input Leniency

In most fighting games, inputs such as quarter-circles are required to perform special and super attacks; however, MerFight allows simpler inputs such as forward + attack to work. However, performing the more traditional input properly will reward players with a slight meter boost. The goal with this mechanics is to allow players who may struggle with these types of input, still have a level of success when playing MerFight and help them get into the game more quickly!

.gif of meter building when performing a move properly.

Spending meter to earn canceling

Unique Meter Management

In MerFight there are two types of energy that can be spent. The main energy meter allows players to perform super moves. When one bar of that meter is filled, players earn a pop cancel bubble. If the player has all 3 energy meters full, they cannot earn anymore pop cancels, so they will need to spend meter if they want to earn more pop cancel bubbles.

.gif of focused on meter and bubbles filling as one level of the bar does.

Cancel attacks for more damage or safety

Pop Cancels

With Pop Canceling, players can double-tapping in any direction during an attack to cancel it, allowing them to extend combos or make unsafe moves a bit safer.

.gif of Gigi performing a combo where she uses a pop cancel to extend said combo.

Select Your MerFighter


The Fledgling Adventurer


Species: Betta/Angler
Occupation: Adventurer
Favorite Color: Magenta
Favorite Food: Whalencia Oranges
Hobbies: Exercise and mask making
Likes: Travel
Dislikes: Failure, disappointing others

Wanting to maker her mother proud, Gigi embarks on her first adventure. She meets Atlas and decides to help him find the next Arctic King.

.gif of Gigi performing a combo.

The Devout Sharkolyte


Species: Blue Shark
Occupation: Sharkolyte
Favorite Color: Sapphire
Favorite Food: Sea Buckthorn Juice
Hobbies: Reading and translating ancient Sharkolyte text
Likes: Helping others
Dislikes: His name, filing his teeth

Atlas has been tasked with finding the next Arctic King. Equipped with the elusive Arctic Amulet, he travels with Gigi to complete his mission.

.gif of Atlas performing a combo.

The Arctic Prince


Species: Mantis Shrimp
Occupation: Sculptor
Favorite Color: Gray
Favorite Food: Walnuts
Hobbies: Kickboxing
Likes: High quality marble, his goggles
Dislikes: Migraines, sleeping

Suffering from nightmares of a melting world, Odon tries to continue his sculpting, unbothered, but how many more sleepless nights can he take?

.gif of Odon performing a combo.

The Poisonous Performer


Species: Yellowtail Fang Blenny
Occupation: Retired Street Performer
Favorite Color: Teal
Favorite Food: Sea Buckthorn Martini
Hobbies: Dancing
Likes: Rings
Dislikes: Sharkolytes, barnacles, clowns, and doctors

Inflicted with cursed barnacles, Naeco makes a deal with the current Arctic King to find the Arctic Amulet, unaware of the risk involved.

.gif of Naeco performing a combo.

The Monster Architect


Species: Isopod-Infected Lionfish
Occupation: Monster Creator
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Food: Tongues
Hobbies: Designing and planning new creations
Likes: The chaos his creations cause
Dislikes: Seeing his creations slain, his decaying host body

One of the few remaining Monster Architects from The Abyss, Drargos searches for a new host so he can continue creating monsters.

.gif of Drargos performing a combo.

The Gelatin Librarian


Species: Jellyfish
Occupation: Librarian
Favorite Color: Fuchsia
Favorite Food: Phytoplankton Soup
Hobbies: Practicing elemental magic
Likes: Having the library to herself
Dislikes: Books being mistreated, The Aquatic, Drargos

Trapped in a library by Drargos many years ago, Enjellique endlessly researches to try and find a way to break the spell so she can master the ninth elemental and become a god.

.gif of Enjellique performing a combo.

The Electric Runaway


Species: Electric Eel
Occupation: Unemployed
Favorite Color: Neon Yellow
Favorite Food: Sour Candy
Hobbies: Fighting
Likes: Thunderstorms
Dislikes: Boring work

Wanting an exciting life of adventure, Bolt runs away from, joining up with a rather cunning shark named Strike, who promises him plenty of it.

.gif of Bolt performing a combo.

The Ostracized Sharkolyte


Species: Bull Shark
Occupation: Brawler
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Food: Jackfruit
Hobbies: Gambling
Likes: Finding and selling treasure, the Crown of Atlas
Dislikes: Sharkolytes, being poor

A former Sharkolyte, Strike makes money anyway he can from underground fighting to theft. He meets an electric eel named Bolt, who he suspects could help him with his next big payday.

.gif of Strike performing a combo.

The Crustacean Mercenary


Species: Blue Crab
Occupation: Mercenary For Hire
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Sea Pork
Hobbies: Meditating
Likes: Privacy, working alone
Dislikes: Wearing their armor for too long

A quiet Crustacean Mercenary and loner tasked with finding a runaway eel.

.gif of Gamma performing a combo.

The Octopus Wrestler


Species: Octopus
Occupation: Wrestler
Favorite Color: Mauve
Favorite Food: Sea Pork
Hobbies: Bodybuilding, designing costumes
Likes: Competition, strong opponents
Dislikes: Being told what she should be doing, practicing medicine

A former scientist, Octonia is a powerful championship wrestler always looking for new challenges to wrap her tentacles around.

.gif of Octonia performing a combo.

The Arctic Herald


Species: Stingray
Occupation: Messenger
Favorite Color: Sapphire
Favorite Food: Doesn't require nourishment
Hobbies: Nothing
Likes: Sleeping
Dislikes: Burden of carrying The Glacial Lance

As Rho's stoic servant, Arctina secretly learns of his dangerous plans, unsure how to stop him but knows she must.

.gif of Arctina performing a combo.

The Arctic King

King Rho

Species: Manta Ray
Occupation: Arctic King
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Doesn't require nourishment
Hobbies: Planning his escape from his Arctic Prison
Likes: Feeling superior
Dislikes: The Aquatic and the Elemental Deities, being imprisoned, thinking about his own death

Rho, the current Arctic King, imprisoned to his domain and nearing the end of his life, discovers a way to escape once and for all despite the consequences.

.gif of King Rho performing a combo.