What is MerFight?

MerFight is a fast-paced fighting game that provides a wide variety of tools for player expression. Currently being developed by one of the leads behind Battle High, MerFight is available now for free on itch.io and GameJolt while in open alpha. There are plans to release through Steam Early Access some time in 2021. Features include...

  • 12 playable characters inspired by various sea life
  • Challenge combos and defense modes
  • Online multiplayer and 8 player lobbies
  • A "flexible" input system that works with simplified inputs while rewarding those who can perform more standard ones
Note, MerFight is still in development; many aspects are still unfinished.

You can find out more through the Mattrified Games discord.

2/28/2020 Update

Version 0.19.0 Out Now!

Version 0.19.0 of MerFight is live. Changes include...

  • Updates to Bolt and Atlas - both visuals and changes to their move set.
  • Guard Cancel is now performed with light punch + light kick or heavy punch + heavy kick.
  • Win quotes!
  • New Music

Play now for free on

Play now for free on

Characters and Systems Section Coming Soon!

Are you interested in helping with MerFight?

In Search Of

The following are areas that could use some assistance in completing MerFight's development. If interested in learning more about any of these, please send an email to gigs@mattrifiedgames.com with your portfolio and rates.

UI & Graphic Design

Looking for someone to help concept and/or create UI assets. This would not involve implementation into the game, but would involve constructing assets to help create an improved, cohesive visual language across MerFight's menus and in-game UI.

3D Environment Artist

Looking for someone to help in the conceptualization and/or creation of 3D environments and/or assets for MerFight's stages.


The need for voiceover work hasn't arrived; however, if interested, feel free to send your information, and when the need arises, you will be contacted later.

Disclaimer: the previously mentioned are short-term contract/gigs. They are not and will not lead to full time employment.